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What are crushed oyster shell uses?

crushed oyster shell are rich in calcium, which is obtained by erosion or fossilization of oysters, sea corals and so on. This product has different types, and its main use is as animal and poultry feed in livestock and poultry industries. Also, various sales centers and stores in connection with the sale of this product with high quality and first-class qualities are widely operating in the market. 

What are crushed oyster shell uses?

crushed oyster shell uses

crushed oyster shell uses As mentioned earlier, mineral oysters come in many varieties. Due to this issue, the consumption of mineral oysters is also widespread. One of the most important uses of these oysters is in livestock and poultry feed. 

For example, regarding the powder size of mineral oyster powder as one of the types of this product, you should know that this size is 1-0 mm. It should be noted that one of the most important advantages of these shells is  harmful substances. On the other hand, the use of these oysters leads to the supply of calcium for livestock and poultry. 

crushed oyster shell Prices for trades

crushed oyster shell Prices for trades The price list of different types of mineral oysters in the Iranian market will vary depending on the type of processing of these products. 

The buyer of oyster shell last price can pay attention to the quality of this product in the first place and postpone the price to the second stage, because quality oysters can have a great impact on the calcium supply of livestock and poultry feed.  Fortunately, there are many mines in Iran from which mineral oysters or calcium carbonate can be extracted. 

One of the most important and largest mines is the extraction of best oyster shell, which annually extracts about thousands of tons of mineral oysters from this mine and is offered to the buyers of mineral oysters in the market. 

It is interesting to know that there are exclusive producers in this region who can produce mineral oysters in large factories in Golestan and provide them to customers with different qualities.

The exclusive producer of mineral oysters in large factories of Golestan has made efforts with the aim of producing quality and cheap mineral oysters, and fortunately, it has been able to present this product to the market to a considerable extent in recent years. In the north of the country, and especially in the Golestan region, it is easy to provide a large number of distribution centers for various types of mineral oyster powder for different farms. Sales and distribution centers can also be found in all provinces of the country. However, it is worth mentioning that Isfahan, as one of the central provinces of the country, is very active in the distribution of this mineral and is one of the major distribution centers in the central region and even in the whole country.

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