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oyster shell calcium carbonate manufacturers

Mineral oysters, with 38-40% of pure calcium approved in reputable laboratories in the country, are used to supply calcium to livestock and poultry diets, which are the best alternatives to sea oysters, carbonate rock and the like.  This mineral is free of any contaminants and impurities due to fossilization, and is much better and more useful than other sources of calcium due to the presence of useful elements such as manganese and its high percentage of absorbable calcium.  This material is very useful, so we decided to introduce it to you.  If you want to get acquainted with oyster shell calcium carbonate, stay with us.

oyster shell calcium carbonate manufacturers

How oyster shell calcium carbonate is manufactured?

 How oyster shell calcium carbonate is manufactured?

In fact, the oyster mines were formed from the accumulation of the remains of the bodies of sea creatures in a period of life.  Thus, at first, they were formed in the form of layered layers and high and short hills in the depths of the seas, and after millions of years, which were hidden under the ground, they dried up with the retreat of the sea and were placed on the ground. 

These hills have eroded over time due to natural disasters such as wind and rain, providing an opportunity to use these valuable resources.  Also in Lumaschel, the diversity of different animal species such as corals, oysters, snails and lizards has created the ground for the separation of mines.  For example, some mines consist only of coral, while others are composed mainly of coral and the rest are oysters and snails.

Today, many factories process and sell this material.  To get acquainted with mixed calcium carbonate and Best calcium carbonate, read to the end of the article.

Wholesale price range of oyster shell calcium carbonate

  Wholesale price range of oyster shell calcium carbonate

Oysters, calcium carbonate, egg shells are used to provide calcium to the diet, and all three have an average of 38% calcium.  Calcium is essential for bone structure, egg shells and milk, and plays a secondary role in intracellular communication.  The larger the particle size of the calcium supply, the longer it stays in the stratum corneum and in the stomach of the bird. 

The size of the particles makes it easier for the birds to pick them.  In feeding livestock and poultry, it is important to note that in addition to providing calcium to the diet, the ratio of calcium to dietary phosphorus must be properly observed, because this ratio depends on the type of animal or bird, breed, age,  The sex, purpose of breeding and the stage of production or growth are different.

This material is available at different prices.  Of course, many parameters affect its price, and the final price is the result of these parameters.  If you want to know more about the price of these products, contact our experienced experts.

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