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crushed oyster shell for chickens Sales

The existence of mines rich in mineral crushed oyster shell for chickens in some provinces of the country, including northern Iran, has caused Iran to be in a good position in the field of production of mineral oysters. The production of this product in Iran is done in large quantities by the top manufacturers of the country and in different types, so that it can provide a large part of the market’s need for this product, and make us self-sufficient in this field.

crushed oyster shell for chickens Sales

crushed oyster shell for chickens

crushed oyster shell for chickens Due to the wide application of best oyster shellin the livestock and poultry industries, as well as the high quality of production of this product, in addition to domestic markets, the trade of mineral oysters in foreign markets is also carried out in large quantities. Mineral oyster trade in these industries, such as the livestock industry, is done by specialized traders. Mineral oysters are a substance rich in calcium, which is obtained from the mines of some provinces of the country, such as Golestan province. Different types of this product are produced and marketed in Golestan mineral oyster factories by advanced devices, according to its consumption in animal and poultry nutrition. The types of good oyster shell with different uses are as follows:

Granular Mineral Oysters: This type of oyster is used in ovarian farms.

Sugar Mineral Oysters: This oyster is used in meat farms.

Powdered mineral oysters: Powdered mineral oysters are also used in livestock farming, and for livestock and poultry feed in factories.

Mineral oyster: Used for industrial purposes.

crushed oyster shell for chickens price list

crushed oyster shell for chickens price list Also, the production of this product in the country is done with very high quality and at a very reasonable price, and this has made its price more economical than foreign samples, and this in itself plays an important role in customer satisfaction. It also has different. Also, in the field of the production price of edible mineral oyster in the market, it is not possible to express a definite price. Because prices fluctuate due to market fluctuations and other factors. Based on this, prices are set daily in the market, and customers can make their purchases according to the price list of this product. As mentioned, edible mineral oysters are used as a calcium-rich food in livestock and poultry industries for livestock and poultry use. Also, this product is offered and sold in different forms in the market of such products, which are:





Each of these types has its own uses and is important in this regard. In this way, the customer can purchase any of the shapes that he wants according to his needs and wants. ‌ For example, we can refer to the purchase of mineral oyster powder in bulk by the customer.

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