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crushed clam shells wholesale distributors

Crushed clam shells with about 40 ~ 38% pure calcium, approved by reputable laboratories in the country, are used to provide calcium for livestock and poultry, which is the best alternative for mussels, carbonate and similar. This mineral is fossil free from any contamination and impurities and is much better and more useful than other sources of calcium due to the presence of useful elements such as manganese and its high available calcium content.

crushed clam shells wholesale distributors

crushed clam shells dropshipping suppliers

crushed clam shells dropshipping suppliersOyster Shell Ball. … Each decorative sphere is handmade from lots of oyster shells carefully pieced together to form a unique interior decoration. 

Oyster Shell Lime. … Finely ground oyster shells are a by-product of the seafood industry. Contains up to 39% calcium plus a natural balance of other nutrients and micronutrients. 

if you want crushed shell aggregate take out the shells and place them into a mesh sifter. Push the shells into the sifter if you want a finer consistency. For even finer consistency, place the shells into a mortar and pestle and grind.

crushed clam shells dropshipping wholesalers

Many stores sell mineral clams online and in person. By visiting them, you can be fully informed about the prices of inorganic and marine mussel powder, the price of poultry powder and so on. You can order this powder online and according to your needs. The advantage of shopping online is that you remove the middlemen and you can have the quality but cheap shellfish shopping experience.

It should be noted that if you are planning to buy online make sure the site is authentic and then buy bulk crushed oyster shell. Shell Powder Sales Representatives In the analysis of shell powders, it should be noted that the powder contains 5% to 3% calcium carbonate, 2% to 3% calcium, 2.5% phosphorus and 1.5% fluorine. It is clear that this powder is a rich source of calcium and is widely used in animal and poultry food.

For this reason, resellers of various types of shellfish in Iran are numerous. You can visit these dealers in person, get acquainted with the manufacturers of this powder and inquire about the quality of their product. It should be noted that when buying shellfish, be sure to consider the type of livestock and poultry you intend to feed. Because for each type of livestock and poultry, a special type of mussel powder should be used.

crushed clam shells sale market

crushed clam shells sale marketShellfish powder contains 5% calcium, so it is used in animal and poultry diets as a feed. Pudding is very easy and inexpensive to make, especially in coastal areas. To make this powder, crush the obtained ears and use it as soft flour for chickens and chopped for egg chickens.

Since mussel powder is an inexpensive source of calcium, it can significantly reduce the final price of animal feed and poultry. In addition, mussel powder is a miracle for the skin.

The oyster shell will soften the epidermis or the supernatant and also soothe it. This powder acts like a natural peel and gives a better feeling of freshness and appearance to the skin and promotes its radiance.

As a result, this powder has many uses and that is why the situation of buying and selling shellfish in the Iranian market is very thriving.

Powder sales and sales across Iran are done by numerous sales agents. And those who have livestock or poultry or are aware of the benefits of this powder to the skin, go to these centers and bulk oyster shells for sale needed.

The export grade oyster is considered because it has the required standards. The production of this product is done in a specialized and modern way and therefore has the highest quality. Exports of this product bring a lot of benefits to companies. For this reason, premium goods are produced and manufactured by reputable manufacturers. The use of shellfish powder is that it is widely used in the preparation of animal feed, poultry and aquaculture. Its smallest size is called powder or flour, which is high in calcium for dairy cows and laying hens. Export Mineral Shell Powder Sales Centers provide this product in the highest possible quality from the top manufacturer and deliver it to the customer and consumer in different tonnages. You can get mineral shellfish from reputable dealers at wholesale prices.

The biggest supplier of crushed clam shells

Shellfish powder factories work by collecting the quality of shellfish in the Iranian seas and using advanced machines to produce sea shellfish powder. These factories strive to produce, market and market the best product, using specialist power, and modern laboratories. And there are more seagrass plants in the north and south of the country because they have easier access to raw materials.

We can find the factories that manufacture this product by searching Google. Seafood is widely used in many cases because of its high degree of calcium purity and being free of any harmful impurities. The application of mussel powder includes:

• Veterinarians

•   Aquatic

• Oil well drilling

• Plastic industry

•   Glass

•   ceramic

•   Color

• PE pipes

• Pharmaceutical industry and…. Is.

The properties of mussel powder for the skin include:

The shellfish makes the skin or epidermis soften and soothe the skin. It acts as a natural exofilant peel. And because of the dion and calcium in the mussel powder, it gives the skin a newer, better-looking feel. And it makes the skin glow.

Mussel mask is useful for stains, pimples, wrinkles, acne and skin recovery.

The role of inorganic calcium in eggshell formation:

The amount of calcium in each egg is about 2.2 g, so each chicken in addition to the amount of calcium it receives from the diet consumes about 0.2 to 0.4 g of calcium from its bones, which is at night when The chicken does not eat and the lime-making (hard-shell egg formation) continues. If shelled clams are consumed instead of calcium carbonate, the quality of the shell increases, as the clams provide the required calcium within 24 hours. Absorption of calcium at 100 mg / h during 24 hours causes the chicken to retain 2.4 grams of calcium daily, slightly above the 2.2-2 grams of calcium needed to produce a The shell is good.

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency:

Growth retardation, reduced food intake, high basal metabolism, decreased activity and sensitivity, calcium deficiency osteoporosis or rickets, altered skeletal and motility, hypersensitivity to bleeding, increased urine volume, reduced egg laying and shell thickness, reduced lifespan , Seizures.

Suitable amount of mineral shellfish in the diet:

The proper time to lay eggs in the womb of high-producing chickens is less than the low-producing chickens. For these chickens, more clams should be fed in the diet than chickens that have longer eggs in the uterus. The minimum shellfish that must be fed in an automatic oven to ensure a complete egg hatch in the diet is about 4 percent because it is always part of the tank, so 4 percent of the shell with 5.3 percent powdered lime (3 percent in total). Provides 5% calcium) Ensures maximum absorption of calcium 24 hours a day. As the diets of laying hens and mothers form cereals, the ability to supply sufficient calcium to meet the needs of these chickens is reduced and it is necessary to add sufficient calcium to these diets as a result of tasteless rations. And it creates too much dust. Therefore, in such a situation some shells should be freely available to the poultry.

Some Benefits of Mineral Powder in Animal Nutrition:

1. Magnesium oxide in mineral shellfish has a buffering role in rumen rumen and stabilizes rumen pH. By stabilizing rumen pH, dietary fiber digestibility is enhanced, which improves milk fat status and prevents acidosis-induced lameness in cows (especially high-concentrated cows with high dietary intake).

2. Provision of calcium with inbred clams can have effects on milk quality and milk fat content and, due to its association with a specific phospho protein, increases milk protein levels and can have beneficial economic effects for livestock owners. Have.

3. Magnesium oxide is normally bitter and bitter. This reduces feed intake in dairy cows, which is not the case with magnesium in mineral shellfish.

4. Due to its organic origin, calcium absorption of inorganic powders is much higher than other sources of calcium in the animal diet.

crushed clam shells Manufacturers

crushed clam shells ManufacturersOyster powder is used in the preparation of animal feed and poultry feed. It is widely used in feed, poultry and aquaculture plants.

Shellfish powder is available in various sizes. Its smallest size is called powder or flour. This type of mussel powder is used in all dairy, dairy and fattening dairy and supplement and pharmaceutical plants to provide calcium in the diet.

In chickens, mussels are usually used as a soft, arad accompaniment. But since egg chickens need more calcium, they not only add oyster powder to the meal, but also give them some free flour.

Depending on the type of consumption, the oyster has different types. The following is a list of types of mussel powder in the Iranian market:

Granular Mineral Mussels (2.5 mm – 2.5 mm): This type of mineral mussel is used in laying farms, ancestors, mothers and turkeys and ostriches.

Minced Shellfish (4-5mm): Mineral Shellfish are used in broiler and poultry farms as well as quail and laying hens.

Powdered Mineral Shell (4-5 mm): Powdered Mineral Shell is used for meat and dairy cattle rations and consumed in feed and poultry factories.

Mineral mussel: The mesh type has more industrial uses.

About 2% of the dry matter of the chicken body and about 2% of the egg dry matter are solids. Therefore, providing adequate salts in poultry nutrition is very important.

Bones play an important role in the formation of bones in chickens, and in eggs in chickens, especially in the shell. Grains and other ingredients used in poultry diets contain high levels of minerals, especially calcium, sodium, and chlorine, but this is not enough to meet the needs of chickens and egg chickens and should be considered as other nutrients. The materials most commonly used for this purpose are: bone meal, mussel powder, earwax, limestone, pebbles and salt.

   powder of bone

Bone powder is made in different ways. First, the materials are burned and fat absorbed, and then the remaining materials are powdered. This product contains sufficient phosphorus.

In addition to being used for animal feed, this powder is rich in phosphorus. Bone powder is available in all parts of Iran. The percentage of bone meal used in poultry diet formulas varies depending on age and requirements, but generally varies between 1 and 2 percent.

   Mussel or ear powder

It is very easy and inexpensive to make ear powder in coastal areas. Chopped ears are consumed as soft flour for chickens or chopped for egg chickens. Eat powder is very rich in calcium and its phosphorus content is suitable. The use of bone meal and shellfish powder provides sufficient amount of calcium and phosphorus in the formula.

In chickens, mussels are usually soft and mixed with flour. In egg laying hens, because of the high calcium content, they are also given free chickens in addition to adding oyster powder to the flour. The amount of calcium in the ear is very high.


Limestones often contain a sufficient amount of calcium in areas where mussel powder is difficult to obtain. Limestone can easily be used. They eat the limestone and add it to the diet of chickens and egg chickens as flour, and some eggs in the chickens should be freely available.


Poultry usually use poultry to crush food inside the gizzard. The rocks should be of the type of granite (Geranite) or quartz (Qwarts) or feldspar (or phosphate rocks). If chickens are usually consuming wholemeal, there is no need to add pebbles to the diet, but poultry should be provided with sufficient amounts at an older age. In addition to helping the digestion and crushing of food, pebbles are also used to some extent in providing calcium and phosphorus.


Salt is used in the diet of all animals. Salt is the main source of sodium and chlorine in the body.

Overuse of poultry feed can cause kidney swelling, nausea and even death. Salt is used in poultry food at a ratio of about 0.5 to 5 percent. The minimum lethal amount of salt for live chickens is 2 g / kg live weight. If you use ingredients such as whey or fish meal that contain a large amount of salt, it is not necessary to add salt to the food.

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